At Downtown Wine Merchants,  we take the Bay Area’s natural and sustainable philosphy and apply it to our Wine Bar menu.

The vision for our menu is simple and very similar to how we select our wines.  We work with the freshest, locally available ingredients from Farmer’s Markets and keep our preparations as simple and hands off as possible, so that the flavors of the food remain intact.

This means getting ideas from what farmers around them are growing and also producing as much as in house as possible from their Pork or Tuna Confits to their Cured Salmon.  The rest they get from local producers.

We feel strongly about animals being raised humanely, so we use only purveyors who follow the same principles.  Knowing how they are treated and what they are fed is important to me.  In fact, one of my kitchen workers, Maria provides us with eggs and her chickens eat our organic kitchen scraps exclusively, so we know what they are being fed and we have reduced our composting costs.  It’s a win-win.  By the way her husband Ismael keeps beehives all over the area and supplies us with local honey, sometimes he even collects wild honey.

Their menu is served throughout the day with no kitchen closures.   In addition, their Daily Specials are extremely popular and sell out quickly.

Cured Salmon

House Cured Salmon

Farmer's Market Flatbread