The Downtown Wine Merchants Food Menu has undergone some changes to adjust to the pandemic situation we are currently experiencing, but rather than limiting ourselves, we’ve actually added some new Food Take-Out Programs. Of course, we continue producing as much in house as possible while supporting our local farmers, fishermen and vendors.

1. DWM Dinner for Two

I love this new program! It’s a very intimate relationship between Chef, Food and Family. This meal will always contain a salad, an appetizer or side dish, dessert and of course the main event. Susanné then selects three wines that pair well with both the theme and flavors of the dinner and you choose your preference: White, Rosé or Red. A great deal for $75 and we will always provide re-heating instructions, should you need them.

~ Mitch

Taylor’s local Italian Sausages, freshly shelled Cranberry Beans, Roasted Butternut Squash Arugula Salad, Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies & bottle of wine $75!

2. Outdoor Dining

I’m so excited that most of our menu is now available for you to enjoy here, but in the safety of Outdoors. We are still in ‘picnic mode’ which means you come inside to order and the food will be served on compostable plates, but you do get a proper Riedel glass for your wine. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Of course you can still call in your Take-Out orders like you used to (510-250-9110) and it will be ready for Pick-Up within 20 minutes. You can also call us from your car, pull up on 14th Street and we’ll run it out to you.

~ Susanné

Farmers Market Flatbread

3. Cheese & Charcuterie Selection

I’m trying my best to continue supporting our local vendors as well as producing as much in house as possible, so I am introducing vacuum sealed Charcuterie Items and Cheeses packaged up in various sizes. On offer are also our popular Olives as well as La Brea Bakery breads. We hope to offer more house made products in the near future.

~ Mitch

Cheese, Charcuterie & La Brea Baguette